The Rock…

BHS 65 (2)
“Oh no! My boots are on the wrong foot!”
“Oops! I can’t get up!”
“Can’t believe we’re doing this at almost 70!”
“Ten years from now, we’ll have to remember to bring a ladder”

In the early morning drizzle, your Reunion Committee painted the rock on I-5. Driving the Get-Away Car was Mimi Brooks Ferlin.  The painters were KatieO Baker, Bev Dawes Belka, Sam Hatch Penny, Sue Higgerson Logghe, and Nancy Higgerson McClosky. Nancy took the best pictures, so unfortunately she is not in very many!

Committee at Work On Top

Driver of the getaway car

Driver of the Get-Away Car and Bringer-of-the-Coffee. Yay, Mimi!

Nancy and Katie

Nancy and Katie doing their thing!