Welcome, Bellingham High School Graduating Class of ’65!

The following poem was written and read by Brion Hanks
At the fifty year 2015 Class Reunion
for Bellingham High School graduates on August 29th.


Gone where is the symbol of the Red Raiders?
Taken by the political correct, such haters.
We experience memories of fifty bygone years
Where there was both laughter and some tears.
Now our children have children who look like us
And over whom we rightly make such a great fuss.
But every ten years the carefree kid in us comes out
Particularly at each reunion we so proudly tout.
Oh we may have pondered some what might have beens,
Yet grateful are we for our dearest of dearest friends.
In reality the years slip away and our classmates too,
But from life let each of us exact our just due.
So smile, take one step and then boldly take two
For I will always wish the best for each of you.

    Brion K. Hanks

Postscript: The speed of life is so swift that we may be aghast at how fast the days, weeks, months and years have gone by through our life’s journey. I propose that we keep our heads up and move forward as we can to make a difference within our sphere of influence. Know that words have power and random acts of kindness nurture our souls . . . With that, it’s onward and upward we go. Safe travels everyone!!

Brion Hanks

Brion Hanks

*Dear Brian, What a meaningful poem. Thank you for putting your thoughts down in words. It was good to see you again at our 50th reunion. We almost didn’t go but so glad we did. Blessings to you, Ruthie and Gary Nelson

*While on our 50th reunion cruise, I mentioned to Brion that we’d love it if he came up with a poem to commemorate our class. He started it right then and there and did a terrific job! Thanks Brion, you rock! Linda Whiteley Graves

*Thank you Linda for suggesting that I write a poem for our 50th class reunion. It became very meaningful to me and to numerous classmates. Imagine that two and one half years have already passed since our reunion. Let’s keep living our lives to the fullest extent possible. Warm regards, Brion K Hanks