Kindergarten and 1st Grade Pictures

Kindergarten and 1st grade Pictures
Here are a few pictures that were sent by our classmates.
Have you sent yours yet?

Roeder K Meyer-001

Roeder Kindergarten (Meyer) 1953

Washington 1st Evans-001

Washington 1st Grade (Evans) 1954

Washington K Baird-001

Washington Kindergarten (Baird) 1953

Washington 1st Anderson-001

Washington 1st Grade (Anderson) 1954

Roeder K Mrs. Norris 1953. Norris-002

Roeder Kindergarten (Norris) 1953


Roosevelt Kindergarten (Warnell, Morning) 1953

RooseveltKWarnellAfternoon 1953-001

Roosevelt Kindergarten (Warnell, Afternoon) 1953

Carl Cozier 1953-001

Carl Cozier Kindergarten (Doubt) 1953


Lowell Kindergarten (Carr, Afternoon) 1953


Lowell Kindergarten (Carr, Morning) 1953

We are on a mission to collect all Kindergarten pictures from Bellingham grade schools (c.1953). If you have one,  please email Bev Dawes Belka and attach the picture; don’t worry about the names as we can fill them in later.   Also, if you know any of the “Unknowns” in the pictures, let us know using the comment section below.  Thank you!  If you want to save any of these pictures, right-click on them and save them to your computer.  If you would like to have a picture without the names attached, send us a request in the comment section.


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