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Lowell Bunch

The Lowell “Kids” Kneeling: Bill Hopper, Kathy Mratinich, Mimi Brooks Ferlin, Rhoda Lawson Barber, Barb Zoet Vidmar. Middle: Brion Hanks, Nancy Anderson, Nikki Schnoor Bellour, Susan Cox Back: Stan Reimer, Mike Oberg, Mike Hall, Mick Repanich, Kathy Wimbush Ford, Steve Christenson, Katie Oberleitner Baker.






Dancing to the Oldies!

Dana MC

MC Dana Feldmann working the crowd.

Doug and Larry

“Bye Larry! (Dutton); Bye Doug! (Wight) Yay!! We pulled it off!” No power, crazy weather; yet it’s been declared the best reunion ever!

Jean M and Billy H

Jean Marquand and Billy Hopper catch up after 30 years. Is that Dale Long in the background?


Cute couple Sandy and Larry Dutton