Our Veterans

We salute our classmates who enlisted in the United States Armed Forces and we thank them for their service and sacrifice

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William Allen Navy
Michael Dean Anable Air Force 1966-1969
Michael Dean Anable Air National Guard 1969-1978
Michael Dean Anable Air Force Reserve 1969-1978
Kurt Oscar Anderson Air Force 1966-1969
Larry Duane Bakkom Navy 1966-1970
Robert Harry Ballard Air Force 1969-1997
Robert Donald Bell Army 1968-1971
Merrill Dean (Rusty) Blackman Air Force 4 years
Anton Thomas Bornstein Army 1965-1967
John Greg Brethour Air Force 4 years
John Greg Brethour Air National Guard 3 years
David Edward Brewster Army? 2 years
Wayne Guy Brooks Navy 1969-1992
Steven William Christensen Army 1968-1969
Gerald Lewis Couchman Air Force
Gary Allen Crocker National Guard
Gary Russell Cronkhite Army
Larry Maxwell Ezell Army?
Alton John Grimes Army 5 years
William Dan Groesbeck Navy Riverines 1965-1969
Charles William Halley Air Force 1966-1972
Garey B. Hankenson Navy 4 years
Robert Lynn Howard Army
Dennis Eugene Hulford Navy
Michael Allen Kurtz Army
Ronald Lee Martin Navy 1966-1968
William Charles McAllister Marine Reserves 1965-
John Robert Mitchell Marine Corps
Dave Norman Army
Michael Ringstad Oberg Army
Robert Alan Patterson Navy 4 years
Thomas Bradley Peterson Navy 1965-1968
Thomas Bradley Peterson National Guard 21 years
Dennis Ward Rawls Marine Reserves
Michael Edward Regnier Air Force 4 years
Mark Curtis Sleasman Navy
Danny Lee Smith Army
Gordon Eugene Swendt Navy
Joseph Warren Taylor Army
William Andrew Tomaras Army 2 years
James Edward Trott National Guard 6 years
Patrick Ray Vollrath Navy 1965-1967
Scott Kenneth Williams Air Force 1969-1993
Donald Kise Willis Navy
Donald Kise Willis Air Force
Marlin Jacob Young Army?


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