The Way We Were…

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Whatcom Football 1962

Whatcom Junior High Varsity Team 1962

First day of school (1961?): Janielle Stedman, Paula Wolten, Carol Ann Whitehead, Barbara Robinson, and Karen Weihe


Bob Rea, Greg Brethour, and John Standen, friends since grade school.

KatieO's Birthday party

Guests at Katie Oberleitner’s 1st Grade birthday party! From left: Marilyn Sherwood, Tass Blythe, Katie Oberleitner, Sue Fouts, Nikki Schnoor (peeking), Mimi Brooks, Cynthia (Sis) Richards, and Nancy Anderson.

Jerry Gary

Jerry Couchman and Gary Tetrick receiving the Boy Scout God and Country Award from the Reverend Carl Calhoun at First Congregational Church (see note below).

Linda, Barb and Janelle

Barb Moore, Linda Whiteley, and (sitting) Janelle Halldorson

The Coachmen

The Coachmen

BHS Class of '65 Homecoming Parade

Our Homecoming Parade






3 thoughts on “The Way We Were…

  1. John Standen says:

    Re: The photo of Jerry Couchman and Gary Tetrick receiving an award – the minister is definitely not Carl Calhoun. I think it is Rev. Lamka (ask Jerry).


  2. Stan Reimer says:

    As I re-visited the “Coachman” photo shown above I brushed away yet another tear thinking about Dave Brewster’s recent passing. I am sure most of you were not aware but we had seriously considered putting a few tunes together and playing at our 50th, just as we played for our graduation dance. We had practiced a couple summers ago and even though we sounded like “The Door’s” on some Jimmi Hendricks very strong chemicals, we still had the passion. Sadly, It didn’t happen, but our heads were in the right space. As a reminder, Dave’s sister Carol has organized a memorial service for this coming Thursday the 10th at 11:00 am at the Congregational Church here in Bellingham. If you can, please attend ……………. it would mean so very much to Dave’s family and friends. As we would say …………….. I know, it’s only Rock & Roll, but I like it!

    Thanks …………… Stan Reimer


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