Synopsis of Events

…..AND                                                             Celebrate the Class of '65 - Bellingham High School                                                                            WE DID!!

The weather forecast was not good (understatement) yet the oldies but goodies came from all over the United States to party like they meant it! On Friday 8/28, the Tour of BHS was highly successful, with over 100 alumni walking the halls trying to find something – anything– familiar! Later on, the rains held off while we boarded the Island Caper for a sunset cruise – and what a show the sun gave us! Many were wanting to continue the party when the cruise ended at 8:30, so we met at Giusseppe’s Al Porto where we completely took over the bar and half the dining room. And the rain started …. then the gale force winds….

Saturday morning 8/29, falling trees downed power lines, crushed cars, and created video-game like driving conditions on the freeway where you had to dodge falling branches. Yet the party continued with ’65er joie de vivre and the amazing spirit for which our class is known. At 8:30 golfers started to show up at Shuksan Golf Course and at the Northwood Hall the decorating volunteers began to work their magic with help from the coffee/doughnuts provided by Kathy Weisenburger Huffman. Thanks to the amazing staff at Northwood Hall, we were able to continue when the power went off – and stayed off! We are thankful that our venue had generators for our party to continue in style. In spite of warnings to stay inside, classmates ventured out.

The Evening Events  were truly the crowning glory. In spite of the weather, 5 of the antique cars showed up anyway!  The dinner and the raffle were both highly successful. We were so glad that we changed the buffet from the outside patio to inside, even though it made it a little crowded. Hey! At least our food didn’t become airborne. One of the highlights of the evening was  the BHS  Band marching into the banquet room in style to play our fight song and a few others for us. The cheers and the clapping were a good match for the weather outside. See a short video of the band’s performance.

It was a fabulous weekend! Pictures of each event will be posted as they are submitted. To view them by events, click on the link above called 50th Gallery.  And for those of you who didn’t make it, you have homework:

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