Old Friends

“The thing about old friends is not that they love you, but that they know you.
Anna Quindlen, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

old Friends

Here are a few pictures that were sent by our classmates. Have you sent yours yet?

We would like a “recent” (last 10 years) picture with an old friend from our graduating class. If you have one, please email Bev Dawes Belka and attach the picture. Please write a one sentence explanation including your names.  Thank you!!

Nikki Rhoda and Barb

“Besties” 2015: Nikki Schnoor Bellour, Rhoda Lawson Barber, Barb Zoet Vidmar

Rhoda get-together

On the Deck/ Sunday after the 50th Seated: Barb Zoet Vidmar, Mary May Pettus, Joel Connelly Middle: Drew Pettus, Scott Williams, Rhoda Lawson Barber, Diane Lounsberry Williams, Nikki Schnoor Bellour, Fred Goodman, RaeAnn Heaton Hall, Mike Hall Back: Mick Repanich, Jonathan Hatch, John Mitchell, Don Salisbury.




Sunnyland+ 2015

Annual Sunnyland+ Lunch Bunch 2015

Mimi Slumber Party

Reunion Slumber Party for old friends chez Mimi! (left) Nancy Anderson, Sue Voris Roundy, Jayme Gilday, Mimi Brooks Ferlin, and Fran Farrel Donis.

Greg Brethour and John Standen

John “Greg” Brethour & John Standen, neighbors, classmates & friends since 3rd grade at Washington Elementary School.


Barb Zoet Vidmar, Nikki Schnoor Bellour, and Rhoda Lawson Barber wine tasting in Yakima Valley 2012. Friends since before Lowell Elementary, and…. lookin’ good!!


Karen Weihe Hulford and Helen Moir Liepart, friends since 7th grade, celebrating the completion of an epic project—the crafting and presentation of Helen’s memory books to her three children.

Lunch at KatieO's

KatieO served lunch to some grateful old friends: (from left) Mimi Brooks Ferlin, Kathi Weisenberger Huffman, Bev Dawes Belka, RaeAnn Heaton Hall and Sandee Victor Muljat.


2014: High school friends Suzanne Hamilton Hentz, Carol Ann Whitehead Vossbeck, Patty Van Dyk, and Vicky Clarkson Albin. Patty and Vicky became friends at age eight when their families were both active in archery, and Patty and Carol Ann have been friends since grade school at Sunnyland.

Diane Mc and Cherrie

Dianne McGinnis Ross and Cherrie Jessup Rothenbuhler have been best friends since 3rd grade at Roosevelt. “We are the dearest and longest and closest friends. We are eternal sisters! We’ve stuck by each other through thick and thin! Cherrie is definitely my soul sister!”

Mike and RaeAnn

RaeAnn Heaton Hall and Mike Hall, have been friends for 53 years and happily married for almost 50 years. Congratulations!!

Kathy on her scooter

Voted “Best Dressed” at the Committee Photo-Op is Kathi Weisenburger Huffman who rode in on her 3 wheeler sporting her Pep Club emblem.

committee closeup (2)

Reunion Committee from L to R: Doug Wight, Karen Weihe Hulford (kneeling), Lynn Ebright Wight, Bev Dawes Belka, Jim White, KatieO Baker, Jean Schuler Andresen, Sharon Metcalfe Lewis, Peggy Erickson, Cheryl Kordal Bode, Dave Jarratt, Norm Chamberlin. Sitting in front: Kathi Weisenburger Huffman, Diane McGinnis Ross, and Sue Higgerson Logghe.

Scott and Diane

Here is a picture that captures a friendship that began in 1963, marriage in 1968, and still is strong, no stronger today! Myself and my beloved wife, Diane Lounsberry-Williams. (Sent in by Scott Williams)

Hamsters in Morrocco1

Fran Farrell Donis and Nancy Anderson in Morrocco, April, 2015. They have been friends for about 55 years.

Hamsters in Morrocco2



Linda and Barb

Linda Whiteley Graves and Barb Stamm Cory, friends since their sophomore year at BHS, at a Josh Groben concert a few years ago.

Chris Quant Seelye and Linda Baker McKay

Chris Quant Seelye and Linda Baker McKay, friends since Kindergarten at Lowell Elementary, at Chris’s daughter’s wedding. (1992)


Bev Dawes Belka and Cheri Seelye Farley (friends since 3rd grade at Columbia) fishing for halibut in the waters off Kodiak Island. (2008)

Luncheon 2014-001

Sunnyland+ Lunch Bunch 2014 – friends since grade school days at the old (and new) Sunnyland Elementary School. Click on the picture to see names.

Gary & Gary

Gary Hershey and Gary Watson. Friends since 6th Grade at Roosevelt.


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